Westwind Pipes and Drums

Westwind Pipe Band is based out of Durango, Colorado, USA, but has drawn its members from throughout southwest Colorado and the entire Four Corners area (this includes SW Colorado, NW New Mexico, NE Arizona, and SE Utah). Currently our pipers and drummers are scattered throughout rural Colorado and New Mexico. Our band is very active in the Four Corners region and plays for festivals, parades, funerals, weddings, and other special occasions.

From parades and festivals to funerals and weddings, Westwind Pipe Band is available for a variety of special occasions. Whether you want the entire band or just a couple of pipers, we can adapt to your needs. Because each occasion is unique, cost will vary with each situation. Money earned by the band goes towards uniforms, reeds, piping and drumming supplies and piping workshops.

If you live in the Four Corners region and are interested in hiring the band, contact us at westwindpipeband@gmail.com to discuss the details.

Masses bands at Aztec Highland Games.
Massed bands at Aztec Highland Games, Aztec, NM. Photo by Larry/Karen Donelson.

Contact us at westwindpipeband@gmail.com if:
You wish to hire us for your special occasion.
You wish to join our band.
You wish to learn more about piping and drumming.

Fourth of July parade, Telluride, Colorado
Fourth of July Parade, Telluride, Colorado.
MacNeil of Barra tartan
MacNeil of Barra tartan